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Train Me Academy has more than a decade of experience in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle principals. From general body image goals to health or simply increasing your energy levels. We have helped clients at all levels and sides of the globe.

Tailored Fitness Programs

Our program is tailored to your business needs. Each component has been tried and tested for maximun results! We track the process and have acountability check ins. The collected data is presented back to the buisness.

Keep on Track

Our programs are practical and easy to follow. Coaching and explaination videos guide you through the process step by step! Each task can conveniently be completed anytime and anywhere. Accountability check ins keep everyone on track with high motivation levels!

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Corporate Fitness, right at your finger tips.

Increase productivity, motivation and profitability! Accountability is provided through Members only smartphone app for seamless communication. Essential data is gathered about safety, history and goals. Plans are tailored, tracked and explained digitally. Step by step information is received through weekly coaching videos and text support.

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Online Personal Training App

Our Chief Course Operator, Neil du Plessis

Neil is a qualified Exercise Specialist. He has worked with busy, high achievers from all over the globe. Neil knows the importance of body development in order to continue preforming at your best! He grew his business while competing and achieving podium positions at elite Crossfit competitions. He placed 2nd at South African Senior Weightlifting Championships and is a Master Trainer! Neil knows what it takes to change and shape your body no matter what your goal is. Learn from his experience and be your best in the shortest possible time.

  • Qualifications
    • BA Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
    • Exercise Science Dip.Ex.Sc (HFPA)
    • Advanced Exercise Science. Exercise Specialist (HFPA)
    • Conditioning Coach (HFPA)
  • Additional Education
    • HIIT Instructor (HFPA)
    • Bootcamp Instructor (HFPA)
    • Speed, Agility & Quickness Coach (HFPA)
    • Olympic Weightlifting Coach (HFPA)
    • Strength & Power Foundations (Gun-EX)
    • Yoga for Professionals - Stella Nash Studios (United Kingdom)
    • Pilates for Professionals - Stella Nash Studios (United Kingdom)




We've got your needs covered at affordable rates!


  • Our premium service
  • Weekly accountability & feedback
  • Team building
  • Education Workshops
  • Fitness Classes
  • Step by Step Exercise Program
  • Nutritional Eating Plan builder
  • Members ONLY Smartphone App
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  • Kick starter pathway to working smarter
  • Challenge staff to build new habits
  • Step by Step Exercise Programs
  • Nutritional Eating Plan builders
  • Weekly coaching videos & feedback
  • Members ONLY Smartphone App

R12,000    from R8,499

You acknowledge the terms of the service TrainMe Academy provides

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